About Us

Owning a Dachshund, we found it increasingly difficult to find properly fitted clothes for our wiener dog. Frustrated, we thought how cool would it be to provide custom-made clothing for all Dachshund owners with similar problems. And that's how DachshundHarness.com was discovered.

Dachshund lovers everywhere want stylish, properly fitting clothes for their Doxies, and that's what you'll find here. "One-size fits many" dog clothing stores that say they "specialize in your breed" just doesn't cut it for most Dachshund owners, or the Dachsie wearing it.

We don't take short-cuts when it comes to providing true custom fitting clothing for your Dachshund. We make dog clothes that are hand-tailored to fit one Dachshund only - YOURS. Our custom-made Dog clothing offer the BEST FIT possible for your Dachshund - GUARANTEED.

All of our Dachshund clothing is handmade in the U.S.A. BY Dachshund Lovers, FOR Dachshund Lovers with over 10 years of experience in making dog clothing for Dachshunds.

We offer a unique selection of custom-made clothing and accessories for Dachshund enthusiasts. Our goal is to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. We love Dachshund and that is where our inspiration comes from. If we love it, we hope you will too.

We would like to do our part to help homeless and other Dachshunds with various needs.

DachshundHarness.com donates 5% of all sales to Dachshund Rescues and other organizations helping underprivileged Dachshund in need.

We are committed to help make a difference and contribute to such amazing organizations! If you represent a Dachshund Rescue Organization, please contact us to inquire about our donation program.

Sincerely, George
Founder & Dachshund Lover