Dachshund Raincoat, Raincoats for Dachshunds. Custom-made Water-resistant Raincoats to fit your wiener dog perfectly from the leader in Dachshund clothing.

Why choose our Water-resistant Dachshund Raincoats? Because they are simply the best.

We don't pre-make Dachshund raincoats to fit different sized Dachshunds like other company's that claim to offer custom clothing for your Dachshund. Our Water-resistant jackets and raincoats are custom-made one at a time by hand and sewing machine to fit your Dachshund perfectly.

Below you will find a variety of Dachshund raincoats that have been designed specifically for Dachshunds. Our water-resistant raincoats have been tested on actual wiener dogs to ensure a great fitting and functional raincoat. Quality fabrics have been meticulously hand-cut by seamstresses in the U.S.A. who share your love and passion in providing the very best for your Dachshund.

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Water-Resistant Dachshund Raincoat

Picture of Water-Resistant Dachshund Raincoat
Custom-made Water-Resistant Wiener Dog Raincoat.

$53.95 (USD)

Collarless WR Dachshund Raincoat

Picture of Collarless WR Dachshund Raincoat
Custom-made Water-Resistant Wiener Dog Raincoat.

$48.95 (USD)