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Dachshund Harness specializes in Dog Harnesses custom-made just for Dachshunds. Veterinary and Surgeon recommended Hug-a-Dog Dachshund Harness for Wiener Dogs.

Our Dachshund harnesses were the first, and are still the best on the market since 1991. Every harness vest is made by hand and sewing machine in the U.S.A. BY Dachshund Lovers, FOR Dachshund Lovers.

In addition to custom-made Dachshund harnesses, we also offer Dachshund coats, Dachshund sweaters, Dachshund shirts and other Dachshund clothes and accessories uniquely made just for wiener dogs.

Finally, a comfortable-fitting, functional and stylish harness that fits your wiener dog perfectly! There are no straps to untangle, and no binding or scraping behind your Dachshunds front legs. If you want the Best Dachshund Harness on the market, look no further.